Shooting accuracy of cal. 6,5x47 Lapua - Galgoczi | Kotroczó

This weekend was held the Hungarian Precision Qualifier Contest, at Neszmély Duna Lőtér organized by 5 Fegyver Kupa SC.

"This was my first competition with a custom rifle built by László Kotroczó (Remington 700, with 710mm Lothar Walther Palma match barrel in 6.5x47 Lapua Caliber, Jackson sport trigger, Bell and Carlson stock, Accu-shot Atlas bipod and Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x Optics). The bullets used were Lapua 6.5x47, 136gr, ScenarL. I hope I can buy more great barrels from your company in the future!" - Adam Galgoczi

100m, 5 shots, 9 celsius, no wind.

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