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Congratulations on your successes and top results with our barrels!

Shooting accuracy Cal. .22 PPC

The following group was shot with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. .22 PPC built by company Diane French, distance 100 m, 2 and 3 shots.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .30 BR

Luis Moura, president of the portuguese rifle association, shot this dispersion with his rifle made by Christian Salva (France), model "Rapière", with LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .30 BR, stainless steel, contour "Light", twist 14", distance 100 m, number of shots: 3, bullet: Berger 125grs FB, loading used: N130 - 34,8 grs.
Tags: Salva, .30 BR

F-Class Open European Championship 2015 in Bisley, GB

We congratulate Mr. Reinhard Lang on winning the European Championship F-Class Open in Bisley, 11.-13. September 2015! His rifle was made by AS.H Schuler, model "Walküre", with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. 300 WSM inside, length 810 mm, stainless steel.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mm Norma BR

Lars Langenbach shot with his STL-Schmitt-rifle with LOTHAR WALTHER -barrel cal. 6mm Norma BR this dispersion at the BDMP National Championship NRW in April 2015: ZG3, 10 shots, distance 300 meter. The telescope has been readjusted after the first shot, dimension of the hole after 9 shots: 17,2 mm x 10,22 mm (diameter of the bullet subtracted).

Internatinal Competition Longshot 2015 Poland

Tactical Super Magnum (1000, 1200 and 1500m) Place 1.: Team99 - Fortmeier = Prof. Ejsmont & Dr. Rowinski (Cal.: .50 Browning, LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel)

Shooting accuracy distance 600 metres

Olivier Hannon from Belgium achieved this dispersion in February 2015, 5 shots, distance 600 m, with his Remington 700 with LOTHAR WALTHER-Match barrel cal. .308 Win. and Lapua Scenar 167 grs. factory ammunitions.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .308 Winchester

This group was shot by Christoph Riedel in January 2015 with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. .308 Win. (for ZG2), 5 shots, distance 100 m, dispersion radius below 5 mm.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 223 Rem.

Denis Authier was glad of this dispersion shot with his AR 15 rifle of Oberland Arms with LOTHAR WALTHER-Match barrel cal. .223 Rem.: 15 rounds, distance 100 m, 150 rings

Imperial Meeting 2014 in Bisley UK

Great success at the Imperial Meeting 2014 in Bisley UK: PGM Precision with LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrels Cal. 6XC and 7mmRSAUM.

Imperial Meeting F-Class 2013 Bisley (GB), 1000 Yards, 7mm WSM

Mr. Rudolf Eckbauer achieved very good results with his Gol Sniper (company Prechtl/Birkenau) with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 7mm WSM, length 32"

100METERCREW Game Oirlo 29.06.2014

Mr. Karel Prakken shot with his BSA PCP - airgun rifle, mounted with a LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrel Kal. 22 this dispersion with 11mm CTC (5 shots group).

Shooting accuracy of Cal. 6,5x55

This group was shot by a client of company Laskowski/Poland with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. 6,5x55: 20 shots 200 scores, distance 300 m, loading 139 grs Lapua Scenar.
Tags: Laskowski, 6.5x55
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