Congratulations on your successes and top results with our barrels!

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mm Norma BR

Lars Langenbach shot with his STL-Schmitt-rifle with LOTHAR WALTHER -barrel cal. 6mm Norma BR this dispersion at the BDMP National Championship NRW in April 2015: ZG3, 10 shots, distance 300 meter. The telescope has been readjusted after the first shot, dimension of the hole after 9 shots: 17,2 mm x 10,22 mm (diameter of the bullet subtracted).

Internatinal Competition Longshot 2015 Poland

Tactical Super Magnum (1000, 1200 and 1500m) Place 1.: Team99 - Fortmeier = Prof. Ejsmont & Dr. Rowinski (Cal.: .50 Browning, LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel)