Ultra-Lightweight Barrels
Finally, a super light weight barrel that is stabile during prolonged firing that does not involve carbon fiber, epoxy binders or any other heat retaining mediums. Beginning as an LW50 stainless blank, the barrel is precision machined to remove all excess weight. An outer casing of light weight alloys is machined and the two are fitted together. The two parts become one without the use of any adhesive elements. The end result is a perfect barrel for varmint and tactical uses that can be carried for long distances and stand up to heavy firing. The barrel will come complete with chamber, crown, breech threads and is fluted.

With a shank diameter of 1.200 (except Savage versions) and a muzzle diameter of 0.850 this barrel will fill the needs of the varmint hunter and the tactical marksman. Unlike solid steel barrels, this barrel sheds heat fast. VERY FAST!  Therefore, long days at the dog towns do not wear the barrel so fast. This barrel weighs less than half of what a standard varmint barrel of the same size weighs.

Contact us for information on how you can order one of these barrels. This program includes the services of a specialist that is trained in building guns with these barrels. All calibres are available from .22l.r. to .338.

Below you can see an example of such a barrel, which is for calibre 50BMG.
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